Vertellis Family Game

  • $24.99

Vertellis is the perfect "game" to help you create special lasting family memories.

The word vertellis actually means “Tell us more” in Dutch (the game was originally created in the Netherlands) and the “game" sparks conversations by asking fun and interesting questions such as:

▪ Who or what surprised you the most this past year?

▪ What was one of your best decisions this past year?

▪ Which bad habit do you want to get rid of in the upcoming year?

▪ What is currently on your mind that worries you or excites you?

▪ Which character from a comic book, film or book would you like to be for a day?

~~Use Vertellis questions during facetime/skype conversations with family and friends during quarantine!~~ 

With 2 versions to choose from – VERTELLIS FAMILY (perfect for families with children; note: the box says it’s best for children 8 and up, but we think children as young as 5 or 6 could easily participate) and VERTELLIS CLASSIC (perfect for older teens and adults) - there is Vertellis perfect for every family.

What a fun way to create beautiful (and lasting) memories!

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