Ultimate Purse Hanger

  • $19.99
You know that purse you love? Or your favorite wristlet or backpack or tote? Don't you HATE putting it on the floor at a busy restaurant, airport, or...the worst...a public restroom? But sometimes there's not a lot choice (why aren't there hooks everywhere?!) - until now! Our ultimate purse hanger goes with you everywhere and solves the "bag on the floor problem" once and for all!


Sleek and stylish, it looks like a bracelet (and can even be worn as one!) and clips over the edge of any table or counter edge to hold your bag or purse. When you’re not using it, just clip it to your purse for easy access next time you need it! Specially designed edges keep it from slipping while in use without scratching the table or counter top.

And, believe it or not, it will hold up to 33 pounds!!

Only 1 left!

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