The Infinity Belt

  • $24.99
An invisible belt with no bulging buckle or added bulk!
Our best-selling InfinityBelt™ is an exceptional product designed specifically with women in mind. The smooth and sleek InfinityBelt™ does everything your regular belt is designed to do, but better! The clasp is flat and undetectable... no bulging, no bulk! It's all the belt, without the buckle!


With The InfinityBelt™, you no longer have to worry about your belt buckle sticking out from underneath your figure-hugging shirt, or others seeing unsightly bulges from a thick belt around your waist. Your shape will be much more defined, and no one will even notice you have a belt on—not even you. Our InfinityBelt™ allows you to wear your fitted tops with pants or skirts that require a belt but without the fuss.



Sizing Note: When choosing your size, remember some people prefer their belts to be more constricting and others loose. There is some stretch in the belt, but adjust up or down in size depending on how you like to wear your belts. If you're a belt hater, we recommend sizing up so it's not too constricting.

WaterMark sizing guide (a little different than the sizes listed on the packaging, adjusted from our personal experience wearing the belts):

XS - 2-4
S - 4-6
M - 6-10
L 10-14
XL 14-18

As always, if the size you order doesn't work, you can exchange it! Just contact us to make arrangements.

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