SmartyPits Aluminum-Free Deodorant Sensitive

  • $12.99

This aluminum-free deodorant will keep your pits odor-free and is safe for your body!

There are numerous studies that suggest a link between aluminum in antiperspirants and breast cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. While we don't claim to be scientists, we were excited to introduce SmartyPits in our store, which offers ALUMINUM-FREE deodorants that REALLY work!

Our Smarty Pits are also baking soda free, so they are good for all skin types, even sensitive skin!

Not only is SmartyPits Mother/daughter- owned (Barb and I met both of them at market!), they also donate a portion of every purchase to breast cancer research and donate their deodorants to oncology centers; is “made with love and hope”; and, being aluminum free, is safe for your body.

2.9 oz Natural deodorant for sensitive skin (baking soda-free)

As always, we stand behind our products. If you don't love it, we'll return it or exchange it for you!

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