Shape Gel Starter Set

  • $12.99

Time To Be Amazed! 

Comes with 2 Goo Colors Blue and Yellow Shape Gel™ (3.4 oz) and Activator Powder! (20 g)

Combine the two liquids to create unique polymers

All you have to do is mix colors and design your shape. Then submerge into the Activator, and Voilá! You created your first polymer shape! Mix and match up to 16 different colors! This is a non-borax and non-glue slime formula that is safe and easy to use! Amazing fluorescent colors won’t stain your hands.

How does it work?

Making Shape Gel is a chemical reaction that makes a new solid substance (the “star”) by combining the two liquids. The scientific name for the gooey Shape Gel liquid is sodium alginate, and it’s full of very l-o-n-g molecules called polymers. The Activator Solution contains calcium which links together one long polymer chain to another long polymer chain in the sodium alginate. The instant these two liquids meet, the crosslinking process begins. This means that the molecules join to create long chains of molecules and form a sort of skin on the outside of the star where first contact is made, and then works its way inward. When the molecules bond, the long chains of molecules form and they appear to tighten or harden. This is what changes the Shape Gel star as it floats out of the mold. The crosslinking process pulls from the outside in, giving more of a “puffy or ball” appearance. As the crosslinking process continues, it causes the star to change as it pulls in the tips towards its midpoint.

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