Seek-a-Boo Game

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It’s like a giant Memory game, and is perfect to keep your toddler active while building their vocabulary and improve memory skills with matching and repetition at the same time.

Parents/Caregivers/older siblings place 36 large, round “Seek Me” cards face down around the room or around the house (depending on how active you want your toddler to be). Then draw a square “Find Me” card and the toddler has to peek under all of the “Seek Me” cards to find the right one. There are six color-coded categories that highlight foods, toys, clothing, colors & shapes, things found outdoors and animals.

The interactive parent guide provides instruction for more ways to play; giving flexibility to increase or decrease difficulty for younger, older, or for playing with multiple children.

Switch roles, create your own combinations, practice taking turns—the learning and play is endless!

• Helps develop memory, vocabulary, pronunciation, turn-taking and large motor skills
• Includes 36 "SEEK ME" cards and 36 matching "FIND ME" cards for an adult to call out
• Large laminated cards are high-quality, bright and are color-coded by 6 categories
• A great game for more than one child at different age levels and offers multiple ways to play!

Ages 1-3

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