Santa's Kindness Ornament - WaterMark's 2023 Gift of the Year!

  • $39.99

Amy and Barb know a winner when they see one - and this new ornament is a must-have! 

Keep track of Santa as he prepares for the Christmas season.  The ornament has a QR code that can be scanned with a phone or tablet - Santa will appear with a special message for the family (or child) and ask for help to spread kindness and holiday cheer.

Each box contains an ornament & kindness journal that will capture a child's thoughts and drawings in a way that you'll always cherish.  Multiple kiddos in one house? No problem - we have Kindness journals sold separately so each child can have their own. (we encourage sharing at Christmas...but ya know - it can be hard)

 Hang the Ornament on the tree at the beginning of the Christmas season, and beginning December 1st, Santa will have messages and acts of kindness during the countdown to Christmas

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