Poetry For Neanderthals - WaterMark's Game of the Year 2023

  • $24.99

Poetry for Neanderthals: our Family game of the year! (the game for you and your kin)

Think of this like Taboo - but you’re only able to give clues in 1 syllable words, and you have to get your team to guess the right word or words in 90 seconds. (short time for as much guess as you can) If your team guessed the 1 point word quickly - move to the 3 point version to score more points!  You're thinking one syllable is too easy? Players also cannot say the word or part of the word on the Poetry Card, you can't gesture, you can't say "rhymes with", can't use initials or any other languages.  It's more challenging than you may think! Score keeping is super easy with a team and solo score keeping slate, so no pen or paper needed. 

If you break the rules - you’ll get bonked with the “no club” and are deducted a point. The rules are easy and it’s so much fun to play!

Ages 7+, 2+ players, 15 minute game play time

We also have the expansion pack full of 500 new words.

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