Party Raccoon Lovepop Pop-up Greeting Card - stamps included

  • $14.10

LovePop cards are a piece of art and a greeting card in one!

The purple cover of the Party Raccoon pop-up card shows a laser-cut raccoon with an adorable polka dot hat placing a gift upon the ground. To make the card even better, the raccoon and gift are shown printed in a rainbow-like pattern!

Once you open up the Party Raccoon card, the party begins. Front and center, the Party Raccoon, has already started jamming out with a jukebox in one hand and a three-scoop ice cream cone in the other. To make sure it can see everyone, the Party Raccoon is wheeling around in a little red wagon leaving behind a rainbow trail with star cutouts.

Each card is an 3D pop-up paper sculpture with amazingly intricate detail and precision.  

Choose your favorite card, send the message for us to write in it with the recipient’s address, and we will mail a little smile for you.

Easy and safe, yet such a thoughtful idea to send to anyone your know. From ages 2-102, these unique cards will be happily received!

As an added bonus, no need to scrounge for extra stamps! Our pop-up cards require additional postage, so we include stamps with each purchase

Only 4 left!

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