Money Tree Lovepop Pop-up Greeting Card - stamps included

  • $14.10

LovePop cards are a piece of art and a greeting card in one!

The front of this shimmering emerald green card shows a little money sprout illustration, a hint at the sculpture that lies inside.

Open the Money Tree pop-up card to reveal a stunning sight. A three-dimensional money tree with dollar signs dangling from the branches pops up before your eyes. Dollar sign embellishments adorn the base of the tree, and the inner corner of the card contains a money holder.

Occasions for the 3D Pop-Up Money Tree Birthday Card:
Slip a loved one a twenty for his or her birthday and give the best birthday gift ever. Don't stop there: this card is also great for graduations, paying back your friend for that late night pizza, or giving someone a gift card in style.

Each card is an 3D pop-up paper sculpture with amazingly intricate detail and precision.  

Choose your favorite card, send the message for us to write in it with the recipient’s address, and we will mail a little smile for you.

Easy and safe, yet such a thoughtful idea to send to anyone your know. From ages 2-102, these unique cards will be happily received!

As an added bonus, no need to scrounge for extra stamps! Our pop-up cards require additional postage, so we include stamps with each purchase

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