Mind The Gap: A Generational Trivia Game

  • $37.99

Are you a Boomer? Gen Z? Have we got a game for you!

A trivia game for the generations! Young & young -at-heart will have to answer questions about culture and the events that define each generation.  You can play in 2 ways:

1.Play with mixed teams of all ages and work together to get around the board

2. Play against each other to determine once and for all which tis truly the Greatest Generation

Get the game that creates connection, conversation, and nostalgia! Each generation has something to contribute and something to learn.

Generation Breakdown:

Baby Boomers: born 1946-1964, they are currently between 57-75 years old

Gen X: born 1965-1979/80, they are currently between 41-56 years old

Millennials: born 1981-1994/6, they are currently between 25-40 years old

Gen Y: born 1997-2012, they are currently between 9-24 years old


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