Makeup Eraser Cheetah Print

  • $24.99

Remove all your makeup with just water with the ORIGINAL MAKEUP ERASER! Yes…really! Even waterproof makeup! I know you’re thinking I’m making this up, but I use it every day, and it works!

I always thought my cleanser was good, but after switching to the MAKEUP ERASER, my cotton pad with toner comes away virtually clean now, where before it always picked up some makeup residue (and I thought this was normal).

Made from specialized microfibers, these amazing cloths remove oils, dirt and makeup with no cleansers or chemicals. Just warm water. All you do is wet your cloth with warm water (the warmer the better, and who wants to use cold water anyway) and wipe your face in a gentle circular motion. Follow up with your favorite toner/moisturizer and your good to go.

The best part is, you won’t get your hair wet by splashing water on your face to rinse off your cleanser!


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