Klean Freak - Body Wipes

  • $1.99

 The Klean Freak story began on a camping trip in Zion National Park. The creator, a world traveler known to get himself in a lot of dirty, nasty, sticky icky icky, ooh wee situations, found himself in yet another freakin' funky predicament after a long hike. If only there were a product, he thought, that provided single use body wipes infused with amazing, natural ingredients and conveniently packaged for the on-the-go individual. Well there wasn’t, so he smelled. BUT, the seed was planted, and it set us on our mission to cure the world of nasty B.O., one product at a time.

Klean Freak teamed up with some dang good scientists to formulate the “best of the best” body wipes that gives you a refreshing, confidence-boosting kind of klean. We tapped into some amazing ingredients that hydrate the skin while also ridding it of bad bacteria, cleared by the FDA and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Plus, our amazing scents leave you smelling freakishly fresh... And not like a baby's butt. We think that’s a huge plus.

So go ahead. Run that to-do list to the ground after going hard at the gym. Get drinks with friends after a long day at work. Wipe away the stresses of your strenuous labor. We’ve got you.

 Antibacterial - Zero Alcohol - Scents That Will Knock Your Socks Off - All Natural Ingredients - Raised Honeycomb Texture - Doesn't Leave a Film Residue - Enlarged Size 11"x11" - Safe for Sensitive Skin - 100% Biodegradable - Individually Packed for Easy Use - Lightweight - Soft yet Durable

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