iRoller Chemical-free Touchscreen Cleaner

  • $24.99

Tired of fingerprints and smudges on your phone or tablet screen? Our best-selling iRollers clean dirt and bacteria off of touchscreen surfaces! Just open and roll over your dirty screen!

And the best part is, we can personalize them with a name or initials ($6 add'l)!

• Ideal for smartphones & tablets
• Made to fit in your backpack, purse, or glove box
• Easier to manage than bottles of liquid cleaner or cloths
• Lifts away fingerprints, dust & bacteria!
• Cleans easily with soap and water

How to use your iRoller:
1. After removing iRoller from the package, place thumb on silver dot located on case. Gently press down and roll case cover all the way open until cover locks into place.
2. Remove clear plastic liner from cleaning roller prior to first use.
3. Place roller down evenly on surface to be cleaned. With light downward pressure, roll back and forth over surface as needed.
4. When finished, roll case cover closed until next use.
5. To refresh iRoller, rinse it under lukewarm water with a mild liquid soap, and use your fingers to rotate and gently massage the roller surface while under water. When you feel the tackiness returning, let it air dry or roll it over a lint free non-woven kitchen cloth.

iRoller Tips & Tricks:
• Works best with glass screens
• Rub face oil/makeup smudges and old fingerprints with your finger before cleaning for best results
• Avoid touching or picking at cleaning roller when dry

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