Hey Clay Modeling Kits for Kids

  • $21.99

These are not like any other clay kits we've seen! Not only do you get 18 cans of clay (yes, 18!), you get a code to unlock a (free) app on your smartphone or tablet that takes kids through the process of creating 6 different figures with kid-friendly step-by-step instructions. Children will learn colors, shapes as well as basic artistic techniques of working with clay.

Once they're finished with their creation, just let it sit out for 24 hours and it will dry into a puffy toy that your child can enjoy playing with for continued creative fun!

The dough is even safe for gluten-sensitivities. (It is nontoxic, wheat and gluten-free, nut-free, latex-free!) It's also soft, lightweight, non-sticky, and stain-free. In other words, perfect for young artists!

There are 6 different kits available - Monsters, Animals, Dinos, Bugs, Aliens and Birds.(Trust me, your kids will want to do them all!)

Only 1 left!

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