Gobbler Gobblers Game

  • $22.99

Hey, this looks just like Tic Tac Toe! You just need 3 of your pieces (Gobblers) in a row in the grid, but watch out...Your opponent can gobble up one of your pieces and win!

The Gobblers come in 3 sizes, and they “gobble” a smaller piece and take their place.

Barb played it with her 6 year old grandson, and discovered it is not as easy as she thought! Strategy is important, and FYI, turns out this 6-year-old could plan ahead quite well. (And he was so excited to be able to beat his grandmother!)

Winner of 3 toy awards including Dr. Toy 10 Best Games

Skills: Strategy, Planning

Age 5+
2 players

Only 2 left!

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