Chicwrap Plastic Wrap Refill Roll 9"

Chicwrap Plastic Wrap Refill Roll 9"

  • $8.99

This is NOT your typical plastic wrap!

You know the most annoying thing about trying to use saran wrap - the fact the it sticks to itself better than it does to the bowl? Our ChicWrap solves this problem! The plastic wrap is specially designed so it doesn't stick to itself - you can even wad it up into a tight ball and unwrap it quickly and easily!

To use it, just stretch it ever so slightly over the container, and voila! You have an airtight seal! (Don’t believe me? Just watch the video!)

Each refill roll is 12" x 250' Ft. of BPA free professional grade plastic wrap and is FDA approved, Kosher certified, Halal certified and microwave safe.

Note - this is a refill roll only, dispenser is not included. It only fits in the (NEW) 9" Subway Tile Dispenser.

Only 3 left!

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