Charty Party - All Ages Edition

  • $29.99

 The game of absurdly funny charts.

This reminds us of those other fun games where you flip over a card and everyone plays the funniest card from their hand and the judge picks the winner.

Everyone starts by drawing 7 orange cards & determining the first judge.  The judge will flip over a white chart card and describes what's happening in the chart ("This is a chart of something that increases with the number of people on a video call")  The rest of the group will play the orange card from their hand that they think would be the funniest label for the Y-Axis. 

The judge will shuffle the cards they receive and read them out one by one (" this one indicates the more people on the call, the more swearing you'll hear")

The judge will then pick the answer they like the best and the winner will keep the white chart card as a token of their victory.

Age 10+

3+ players

30-90 minute play time


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