Bath & Body Organizers - 3 pc.

  • $9.99

I don't know about you - but when I travel, I want the ability to see what is in my cosmetic bag so that I don't have to root around to find one of my 7 tubes of peachy-pink lipstick :).  This 3 piece set of bags have transparent fronts to make it so easy to see exactly what you have with you!  

These cute bags aren't limited to makeup! Use them for hair accessories, pills & vitamins, school supplies, baby needs, mobile devices & accessories...the options are endless!

You get 1 large - 11"x9", 1 medium - 9"x7" and 1 small - 7"x5"


  • Double-lined durable canvas
  • front zippers with zero gaps
  • Full touchscreen capability with smartphones & tablets 


Only 1 left!

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