Banish the Boredom – Home Cooking Bundle

Banish the Boredom – Home Cooking Bundle

  • $100.00

This is the perfect bundle for the home cook…and really, aren’t we ALL home cooks right now? Because we know everyone is cooking at home more than usual right now, we put together this bundle of our favorite kitchen must-haves to make it easier!


Put scissors together with a pizza cutter and you get SCIZZAS! They cut pizza perfectly on any surface, and you can use them to serve the slice, too!

It’s a spoon, ladle and spatula in one! And the unique handle design keeps the “spadle” from leaving a mess on your counter.

Grill Brush
We HAD to include our best-selling item from the last 2 years! The grill brush cleans grill grates without the worry of bristles breaking off and getting into your food from other grill cleaners.

Flour may be hard to come by at the grocery stores right now, but with Soberdough, you can make delicious, fresh-baked bread in your home by just adding BEER!

e-Cloth Kitchen Pack
Make cleaning up after your meals fast and easy with our e-Cloth kitchen pack! Clean and disinfect your kitchen using just water! (Scientifically proven!)

$113.95 Value
Only $100!
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