Abducktion: (a weirdly strategic duck kidnapping game)

  • $74.99

We love a strategic game...especially if that game automatically comes with the expansion pack! 

Imagine you’re an intern on an alien UFO (hey….it COULD happen) and your job is to abduct ducks. (don’t worry - no harm will come to the ducks) Here’s the catch, the ducks can only be abducted in certain formations - and it’s your job to use action cards to arrange your ducks into the formations and get them on the ship!

Easy to explain, quick strategy, perfect for age 12+, 2-4 player but the BEST part is that this game already includes the expansion pack (with harder duck formations to make) AND extra boards/cards/ducks so that you’re able to add up to two more players!

12+, 1-6 players 15-25 minute play time (regular game), 25-40 minute play time with expansion pack.

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