Abalone Board Game

  • $32.99

A great strategy game!

Face off against your opponent across a hexagonal board containing black and white marbles. To win, “just” push 6 opponent’s marbles into the gutter running along side the board. “Just” is the key word....like chess, you “just” capture your opponents Queen.

It’s easy to learn, but difficult to master, and with these long evenings, there can be lots of Abolone matches ahead. We all need to challenge our minds.


How to play?

  • Push one to three marbles one space in any direction.

  • Three marbles push one or two marbles. 

  • Two marbles push one marble.

  • Once you've pushed six opposing marbles off the board, you’ve won!

 A few tips for Abalone:

  • You should pronounce it: Ab-a-lone (ab’ ə lon). Ab is a Latin prefix meaning never, so you are never alone with Abalone. Protect your marbles by keeping them close to their friends!

  • When twisted 90 degrees clockwise, the Abalone logo reads 3, 2, one. This is fundamental, as 3 pushes 2, 3 pushes 1, and 2 pushes 1. (Look closely at the main picture...do you see it? What a cool logo!)

2 players

Only 5 left!

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