Quilling Greeting Cards

  • $11.09

These beautiful cards are more than just a greeting card - they are a handmade work of art! Quilling is a centuries-old paper art that rolls small strips of paper into intricate images and designs. Quilling Cards are handmade in free trade certified workshops in Vietnam, and offer over 100 artists a living wage in a safe environment with housing, healthcare and benefits.

Choose your favorite card, send the message for us to write in it with the recipient’s address, and we will mail a little smile for you.

Easy and safe, yet such a thoughtful idea to send to anyone your know. From ages 2-102, these unique cards will be happily received!

As an added bonus, no need to scrounge for extra stamps! Quilling cards require additional postage (2x$.55 stamps), so we include stamps with each purchase!

 Watch to see the beautiful and intricate process behind each of these hand-made cards!

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