Moonglow Moonshine Stud Earrings in Gold

  • $98.00

To order: Click on the link below to find your moon phase code, and then select that code from the list above!

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A balance between bold and beautiful, our newest Moonshine Studs are the earrings you didn’t know you needed. They are so comfortable that you’ll never want to take them out.

Each stud can be customized, either choose a single date for both studs, alternatively, you can pick two different dates for a sweet asymmetrical look. The mini Moons will pop against the gold finish.

These earrings shine in the dark as the Moons will illuminate a soft, subtle glow. Simply select your date(s) and we will begin crafting your earrings that are personalized uniquely to you and your moments. A present that will put a smile on anyone’s face, or treat that you will thank yourself for. 

A unique present that is both personal and thoughtful. Simply select a date(s) and let us handle the rest. 

  • Can be customized with 2 different moons
  • 10mm Moon image
  • 18K Gold Plated

Note: this is a special order item. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. 

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