Sweet Jalapeno Salsa & Dip Mix

  • $11.99

One of the few items in our store that we’ve carried since we opened over 20 years ago, our Sweet Jalapeno Salsa (or what we like to call the World's Best Party Dip) is a customer favorite and one of our most requested gourmet items. I have yet to take this dip to a party without people commenting on it and asking me for my recipe!

And it’s SO easy! Just mix 1/2 of the jar with a block of cream cheese (hint: use a hand mixer for easy mixing!) and serve with tortilla chips. That’s it! You’ve got a dip that’s guaranteed to be a hit in 3 minutes flat! It’s the perfect dip to keep on hand for those times when you need a last-minute item to take to a party!

This dip is an interesting blend of sweet and spicy – and the best part is you can control the heat by adding more or less of the dip mix! (It’s also made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives!)

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