DoodleMatic Video Game Maker

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We know you try and limit iPad/tablet time, but you just have to make an exception for this great game! Kids don’t just play games, they CREATE their own games!

Doodlematic will take your creations and turn them into playable games that you can share with your friends!
Step 1: DRAW Use the Doodlematic colors and draw your game level!
Step 2: SNAP Take a photo of your game in the Doodlematic app!
Step 3: PLAY Play your game and share with your friends on social media!
It’s really as easy as DRAW – SNAP – PLAY!

And Ii’s super easy to get started! First, install the free DoodleMatic app on your smart device (each kit comes with a QR code that allows you to install the program on one device). Then start working through the workbooks, which take the kids through the step-by-step process of creating their very own video game.

Kids learn how to design each of their game elements ~ their avatar (which is computer speak for their character in the game), the goal of their game, any obstacles, barriers, the background setting, etc., using a different color marker to draw each game element (i.e. avatars are green). Then just upload a picture of the drawing into the DoodleMatic App, which will magically turn it into a playable video game!

The brilliance of the DoodleMatic program is that is designed to work for Kids of ALL ages, 5-16. The first workbook starts out with very simple, basic games (good for beginners and younger children) and adds additional elements and complexity with each page. Book 2 teaches kids how to take their games to the next level by adding all kinds of additional elements.

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