Chicwrap Plastic Wrap Dispenser 12"

  • $22.99

This is NOT your typical plastic wrap!

You know the most annoying thing about trying to use saran wrap - the fact the it sticks to itself better than it does to the bowl? Our ChicWrap solves this problem! The plastic wrap is specially designed so it doesn't stick to itself - you can even wad it up into a tight ball and unwrap it quickly and easily!

To use it, just stretch it ever so slightly over the container, and voila! You have an airtight seal! (Don’t believe me? Just watch the video!)

The other nifty thing about this item is the dispenser itself. No more slicing your finger on the cutting strip – the ChicWrap box has a sliding blade built in! Just pull out your desired about of plastic wrap and slide the cutter from side to side. The boxes come in a variety of designs and are decorative enough to leave out on your counter.

We also carry refills of the plastic wrap, because once you start using ChicWrap, trust me, you won't ever want to go back to the stuff you get at the grocery store!

Click here to purchase the 12" Refill Rolls that fit these dispensers.

And if you like the cutter, we also have their ALUMINUM FOIL DISPENSERS and PARCHMENT PAPER DISPENSERS available.

Each dispenser comes with one 12” x 250  Ft. roll of BPA free professional grade plastic wrap, four rubber feet for stability on any counter and our patented ZipSafe® Slide Cutter.  Our professional grade plastic wrap is FDA approved, Kosher certified, Halal certified and microwave safe.


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