YamSlam Dice Game

  • $29.99

YamSlam is one of the games even Amy's father likes to play! (And he doesn't love playing board games!)

YamSlam is a fun take on the classic game of Yahtzee, where you roll 5 dice up to 3 times each turn to get the best possible combination, and then claim the corresponding chip.

But you have to be strategic! There are only 4 of each chip available, and you get bonus points if you end with certain combinations of chips.

YamSlam is fun for 2, 3 or 4 players (and there aren't many games on the market that can say that!) and there's even a solitaire version if you want to play by yourself.

YamSlam comes packaged in a tin with felt-covered space to roll the dice and organize the chips that makes it easy to take with you anywhere. Games last less than 15 minutes so you can play several rounds in a row.

Note: the packaging says Ages 8+, but Amy's 7-year-old nephew loves playing YamSlam and can play it very well.

Ages 8+

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