Ransom Notes - The Ridiculous Word Magnet Game

  • $44.99

 Everyone will get their own black metal tray and approximately 75 word tiles to choose from.  A prompt card will be flipped, read aloud, and the round has begun! 

Everyone will scramble to use their word tiles to create the best response to the prompt card on their magnetized metal tray.  Creating you submission should take 60-90 seconds (set a timer on your phone!).

Each player will present their response to the prompt card (laughter ensues).

The bottom of the game box will then be placed in the center of the table and spun (spin-the-bottle style)  The words "You Are The Judge" are on one side, and who ever that side is pointing at will be the judge that round.  The judge will pick their favorite response.

Sweep all magnets off the submission cards and into the box top, and everyone may grab a few more tiles to replenish their word tiles. Play until someone wins five prompt cards!

 Age 15+

3-6 players

30-90 minute play time 

Only 3 left!

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